What does it cost?  There are many factors involved.  Each production project is designed to fit your budget and your needs.  To give a general range: an audio story can start at a few hundred dollars, while a full life video documentary with dozens of old photographs can cost from $2500 to $10,000 or more.  You decide on the project that best accomplishes what is right for you.

This personal history project will become a most treasured gift for generations to enjoy.


Begins with 1-2 hour free consultation to discuss what you want: whether a chapter or a full life story?  Will more than one person be contributing to the story?  This is when we get to know each other and decide if what you want is a good fit for what we can do.

Information Questionnaire

To fill out the questionnaire can require anywhere from an hour or more to complete.  This information is crucial to the producer in setting up a story line and interview process.

Interviewing and Video Taping

Generally, the interview is done in the home or office.  A crew or two or three will set up and arrange the lights and two cameras and the mike system.  The interview will be an interactive, relaxed, enjoyable process.  How long depends on the project.

Collecting Photographs, films and memorabilia

The day of the interview family pictures and other items to be included will be collected.  Each item and picture will be labeled with names and identified so it will be simple to determine where each fits into the story line.

Editing the rough draft 

After the interview a storyline is developed into a flowing narrative.  Interview questions are removed.  Repetitions, “ums” and background noises are removed.  Precise attention is given to laughter, sadness and the range of emotions expressed by the interviewee.  Photos and memorabilia are entered into the narrative after being cleaned.  Next the music is carefully selected and arranged to accent the dialogue..

Review by Client

Once the first edit is complete, the full story is ready for review by the client.  At this viewing careful  notes for changes and deletions are given before a second edit.  Should additional interviewing be required an additional cost will be negotiated.

A final edit is then completed after a total of 60 to 100 hours of production process.


Nothing you give your family will surpass the value of your family video story.  You will experience a great and wonderful relief, and an abiding satisfaction when you possess the completed edition with copies for all the family to enjoy.


 “If we do your story, it will be done well.”


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