My Story

Five years ago I stumbled into a new passion.  I founded From Generation to Generation after 30 years of witnessing, as a clergy and family counselor,  the neglect of “story preservation among most families.” Presiding at end- of- life services, I have literally recounted hundreds of life stories.  After the funeral, the only important portion of a life that can be left behind is the person’s story.  However, these stories easily fade and are lost from memory UNLESS they are written down or recorded in some form.

As a personal historian, one of my life goals is to encourage and enable families to capture precious stories before the storytellers are gone.  My staff of professionals knows how to create entertaining and interesting documentary videos that generations of a family will relish and enjoy.  Once their family stories are completed, many of our clients comment that capturing these stories ranks as one of the most satisfying investments they have ever made.

As an interviewer, as a producer, as a public speaker, and as a videographer, I am passionate about producing a legacy piece for families that will connect the generations even after death.  To be able to SEE and HEAR the stories of deceased parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, in their own voice recounting “how they lived and how the world was in their day,” honors the past generation, while offering challenge and hope to the family generations that follow.

“When a person dies, a library is lost forever”.  Let From Generation to Generation help you spare your family from losing a library of personal family stories.  Contact us: or call 704-880-3437.


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